How can I buy a digital book from digibook24®?

Buy your e-book through simple steps. 

  1. Connect to the website www.digibook24.com and register at the portal (first time only) to receive a username and password; then insert you username and password in the Login form.
  2. Buy your digital books on store.digibook24.com
  3. Access the App by clicking here or download the App for your device by clicking here.

  4. Use the same username and password in the App and access through your devices (tablet, browser, computer) to the purchased books.

I bought a digital book from the Internet site. How can I consult it through digibook24®?

To read a purchased book, simply access digibook24® through your devices (tablet, browser, computer), log in and select the title.

Which system requirements are needed for accessing to digital books through mobile devices?

All the mobile devices display size has to be at least 7”.
Apple: operating System supported: iOS 8 or higher.
Android: version 4.4 or higher.

From how many mobile devices can I consult my digital books?

You can consult your digital books from 3 devices. If appears the App’s message: “Maximum number of devices reached”, send an email to info@digibook24.com for requiring the activation of the new device.

I have a coupon. How can I consult the associated digital book?

Connect to the website www.digibook24.com, login, enter your code and access the digital book.

I bought a book through a digital shop using the previous version of digibook24®. How can I read it in the current version?

Send an email to info@digibook24.com confirming the payment for the purchase of the digital book and we will provide you with an access code.