How can I buy a digital book from digibook24®?

Connect to the website www.digibook24.com to purchase your e-book. You will receive by e-mail as many codes as copies you have purchased. Now you need to activate your e-book as follows:

  1. If you do not have an account at www.ediermes.it, click here and register
  2. Open the following website www.digibook24.com
  3. Click the Activate a book menu item and log in
  4. Type the code you received by email and follow the instructions

I bought a digital book from the Internet site. How can I consult it through digibook24®?

To read a purchased book, simply access digibook24® through your devices (tablet, browser, computer), log in and select the title.

Which system requirements are needed for accessing to digital books through mobile devices?

All the mobile devices display size has to be at least 7”.
Apple: operating System supported: iOS 8 or higher.
Android: version 4.4 or higher.

From how many mobile devices can I consult my digital books?

You can consult your digital books from 3 devices. If appears the App’s message: “Maximum number of devices reached”, send an email to info@digibook24.com for requiring the activation of the new device.

I have a coupon. How can I consult the associated digital book?

Connect to the website web.digibook24.com, login, enter your code and access the digital book.

I bought a book through a digital shop using the previous version of digibook24®. How can I read it in the current version?

Send an email to info@digibook24.com confirming the payment for the purchase of the digital book and we will provide you with an access code.

What do the labels “ACTIVE”/“EXPIRING”/“EXPIRED” appearing in the library mean?

The publisher may decide that ebooks can only be used for a certain period of time. You can check at any time the validity status of the activation of your books in the library, in correspondence with the title of the book or within its details, which you can access by clicking on the dedicated icon.
The labels related to your book's activation status can take on three values:

  1. ACTIVE, green colour: you can access your book;
  2. EXPIRING, yellow colour: you an access your book, but the activation validity period will soon end;
  3. EXPIRED, red colour: you can no longer access your book.
In this last case, if you want to continue using the book, click on ACTIVATE AGAIN or open the book info and choose one of these options:
  • you can activate your book again, if you already have a new activation code;
  • if the book is available on the store, you can purchase a new digital-only copy.